Should an aging parent transfer his/her house to the kids?

You know I love Wealth Management and I just read this great article. 

NO! is their standpoint and I would agree with that as well.
Other points to be considered too depending upon the state in which the parents live is the Homestead Exemption and if the kids own their own home already.
In any case, speaking with an asset protection specialist is one of the most important things you could do.  You worked hard for you money and there’s nothing like an expert to help you invest it, protect it and help create generational wealth…

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Gmail’s most useful and less known “trick”, you won’t be able to live without it!

So you’re trying to clean up your Inbox… You’ve opened an email, and you now delete or archive it. What happens next? That email closes and you’re back in your Inbox, having to click on the next message to open it up. It used to drive me nuts!  Too many clicks!

Until I read this article… Now, when I delete or archive an email, the next message down in the list opens up. It makes reading your emails a breeze… Here is how to do it in one screenshot… Try it too, you’ll wish you had discovered this sooner!!


Where’s the outrage? “Drugmakers increase prices 100x simply by combining generic drugs”

I tried to look up what The Hustle’s sharing policy is, with no luck, but I am sure they won’t mind some publicity here. This landed in my Inbox this morning.
And then you wonder why insurance premiums are through the roof?   I almost had a heart attack when I saw my hospital bill after having been T-boned by a reckless driver. It cost me almost $40,000 for 4 days. Really? A few X-rays and one MRI and a few pills, a couple of drips before they sent me on my way.   Revolting.

Where is the outrage on this?


Drugmakers increase prices 100x simply by combining generic drugs

A new exposé from Axios brought to light many drug manufacturers’ practice of combining multiple generic over-the-counter medications and selling them as ‘convenience drugs’ for up to 100x more than their generic counterparts.

Although these combo meds provide no additional medicinal benefits to patients than their separate OTC counterparts, they bring in billions for the companies that manufacture them by exploiting the power of prescription.

Markups that would make Martin Shkreli proud

‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli made headlines for increasing the cost of lifesaving Daraprim 5,000% overnight. But, while Shkreli later landed in jail (securities fraud), this pharma price-gouging is totally legal.

In fact, price hikes are common practice at pharma companies. Horizon Pharma sells a drug called Vimovo (which is just Nexium and Aleve combined into 1 pill for convenience) for $2,482 per bottle.

Nexium and Aleve, however, are just as effective when taken separately — and cost less than $20 when purchased over-the-counter.

How is this possible?

Companies like Horizon combine common meds into unnecessarily expensive convenience drugs to increase margins. By striking deals with pharmacy benefit managers, they get their drug on insurance lists.

Then they hire huge sales and marketing teams to convince doctors (who don’t know the drug’s price) that convenience drugs encourage patients to use drugs ‘as directed.’

Then, the nail in the coffin: Pharma companies like Horizon subsidize copays, making the drug seem cheaper and more accessible to doctors and patients — and then bill health insurers for thousands.

Medical misinformation makes money

The reason drugmakers go to such creative lengths to sell meds is simple — it makes money.

In less than 5 years, Horizon made $540m by selling Vimovo, and $670m over the same time period selling another convenience drug called Duexis (the company stands by the benefits of both drugs, despite criticism).

Other drugmakers such as Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline have also sold billions of dollars worth of convenience drugs over the past decade.

Free Org Chart Software!

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SPEED IT UP! Stop wasting your time watching videos original speed!

On YouTube or other websites, have you had to watch tutorials or educational videos that dragged on forever before it got to the meat? Then they go over it too fast and you wish they could slow down?
Have you gotten caught watching a video ad but 20 minutes into it, they haven’t gotten to the sales pitch and you just want to see what they offer?  Yet you’re already 20 minutes into it and still nowhere near the closing stage?


Discover this amazing FREE Video Speed Controller. Download the extension from the Google Chrome App Store here or from the Firefox App store here. Download the extension. Then, you’ll see the controls appear in the top left corner, you can speed up or slow down the video to your liking! Enjoy!  How do you like this, huh? 🙂


Paint that CLEANS the air?!?

What an interesting innovation:

This “paint” works by breaking down air “contaminants via a photocatalytic process that transforms polluting particles into oxidizing agents. They’re then released into the atmosphere as harmless minerals.”  The building in Manhattan pictured here has its facade covered by it. “This process happens super fast—like millions-of-times-per-second fast—so that the surface is perpetually self-cleaning, minimizing operational costs for the building.”

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